Join us

一、作为学术委员会专家委员 To be our academic board member


Our academic board are constituted spontaneously by experts from universities, scientific research institutions, government organizations and enterprises, which provides academic advises for Easyace Academy, help to build up a platform for the conference related field researchers and promote a deep, multi-channel, all-round communication and interaction between our attendees at the same time.


As an academic board member of Easyace Academy, you will get the following responsibilities and rights:


Give guidance to the academic exchange of the conference and lead this conference to a famous and excellent academic conference in this area. 


Make a plenary lecture, share your latest research results with the researchers on the conference. 


Recommend some papers suitable to our conference, which we will give preference to accept for publishing. And for the excellent papers, we will recommend for publication in SCI and EI journals. 


Recommend other experts to join our academic board member for the development of related area.


If you want to be our academic board member, please fill in the application form (Application Form for Academic Board Member.docx

and send it to our mailbox ( Your application will be handled in about 5 working days.

  二、约稿人 To be our solicit contributor


As a staff of organizing committee, during the preparation of the conferences, you need to advertise our conferences and do solicit contributions in your university or institution according to the request of our organizing committee. We will give preference of reviewing to the papers you recommended. And you will be paid according to the number of your recommendations after the conferences.

三、合作单位 To be our cooperator


If you want to be our cooperator for the promotion of your enterprise or products, please fill in the application form (

Application Form for Cooperator..docxand send it to our mailbox ( Your application will be handled in about 5 working days.

四、参会人员(或作报告)To be our conferee


 If you feel interested in Easyace Academy, intend to attend the conference and make a lecture at the conference, please fill in the application form (Application Form for Conferee.docx) and send it to our mailbox ( The lecturer should submit an abstract and present only a lecture at the conference, so you don’t need to prepare a full manuscript for publishing. The abstract will be included in the agenda after reviewing. Your application will be handled in about 5 working days.